Rock Steady Boxing VCLA is Proud to Announce a New Location in Thousand Oaks!
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Did You Know April Is Parkinson's Awareness Month?

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA Group photo of all members and coaches in the gym

On April 1 st , 2023 Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA – Ventura County/Los Angeles joins The Great Race in Agoura Hills, CA where their team of Parkinson’s Disease Fighters will overcome tremendous physical challenges to participate in their first ever 5K Run! There are currently over 20 million people battling Parkinson’s in the U.S. It is a progressive movement disorder that can attack virtually every part of the body – from the brain to the toes. Parkinson’s robs people of their ability to live purposeful, independent lives – from loss of basic motor skills, balance, speech, memory and gait to the onset of tremors – from walking to talking and everything in between. That’s where Rock Steady Boxing steps in and the real fight begins!

Why Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA?

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA is the only program in the world solely dedicated to people with Parkinson’s Disease. Their boxing-inspired group exercise classes are scientifically proven to decrease and reverse current Parkinson’s symptoms, and are actually neuro-protective, working to delay progression of this potentially deadly disease. Like a boxer trains to defeat an opponent, we train our Rock Steady VC/LA boxers for optimal agility, endurance, strength, coordination, fall-prevention, and vocal projection to overcome their toughest opponent, Parkinson’s Disease! But, don’t worry, no one ever gets hit!” says Yvette Israel, co-owner, and Head Coach, “The best part? It’s FUN!”

Why The Great Race?

Inviting their boxers to participate in The Great Race was the brainchild of Lisa Oliver, co-owner, and Head Coach of Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA, “In 2023, we wanted to challenge our boxers to set new goals and empower them to push even further past perceived limitations. Why not participate in a 5k and work to achieve their own personal best?” says Lisa.

In February the group began training for The Great Race as Team Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA – in and out of the two gyms we hold classes in Calabasas and Camarillo. As a fighting family, they gathered to practice proper gait, walking drills, breathing techniques, and running. People in wheelchairs, walkers, and with canes were encouraged by their dedicated coaches to sign up. The excitement about this new challenge spread, and the team grew.

“Some people come into our gym believing they will never walk again. Within a few weeks they’re UP and moving…soon, they will put all their training and hard work to the test,” says coach Lisa. On April 1 st at 9:06am, Team Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA will hit the start of the Great Race and new records will be made: some will cross the finish line having run the whole way, others will walk or jog, and do whatever it takes – alongside their families and coaches – proving you CAN get Power over Parkinson’s Disease and continue a life of health, happiness and HOPE.

“My brain says NO, my Coach says YES…that’s why Rock Steady is the BEST,” says Kent Petersen, Rock Steady VC/LA boxer & soon-to-be 5k participant. Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA has three locations: Calabasas, Camarillo, and LIVE online classes on Zoom. A fourth location is set for July 2023. Group classes are held six days a week. Current participants range from 36 to 92 years old. No experience is needed and all stages of PD are welcome.

The Rock Steady Boxing Method is recommended by Neurologists, Movement Specialists and Physical Therapists. Call (805) 814-6333 today for more information.

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