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Are You Afraid Parkinson's
Is Shrinking Your World?

Don't Worry! Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA Helps You Maintain Activities of Daily Living & Remain Dependent on Yourself

See how Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA helps you in so many facets of your daily life:

  • Reduce falls at home and outside by 72%
  • Re-train your brain and keep doing things you love
  • Not ready to retire? Go ahead – keep working!
  • Reduce tremors and feel comfortable in social settings
  • Sit-to-stand with safety and ease – no more embarrassing “hoisting” at the dinner table
  • Dressing, bathing, driving, shopping & cooking
  • Gardening and household chores (sorry, but you may still be able to do the laundry and sweep your floors)
  • Keep your voice loud – your family wants to hear you! (well, they may want to hear some of you…)
  • Celebrate life’s milestones – cheering at graduations and dancing at weddings
  • Be an active parent and grandparent; play on the floor with your dogs, kids & grand kids – you will be able to get back up!
  • Travel with confidence and make plans for your future
  • Yes, you can keep gardening, golfing, dancing, tennis, bowling, pickle ball & Dodger games!
  • Meet new people and make new friends (single and ready to mingle? Why not?)

In Other Words, Be:




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