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Are You Afraid Parkinson's
Is Shrinking Your World?

Don't Worry! Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA Helps You Maintain Activities of Daily Living & Remain Dependent on Yourself

At Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA we truly believe in the Parkinson’s fitness program to help FIGHT the disease. We’ve seen customers improve their health vastly by consistently participating in the exercise program Rock Steady Boxing has constructed. See how Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA helps you in so many facets of your daily life:

  • Reduce falls at home and outside by 72%
  • Re-train your brain and keep doing things you love
  • Not ready to retire? Go ahead – keep working!
  • Reduce tremors and feel comfortable in social settings
  • Sit-to-stand with safety and ease – no more embarrassing “hoisting” at the dinner table
  • Dressing, bathing, driving, shopping & cooking
  • Gardening and household chores (sorry, but you may still be able to do the laundry and sweep your floors)
  • Keep your voice loud – your family wants to hear you! (well, they may want to hear some of you…)
  • Celebrate life’s milestones – cheering at graduations and dancing at weddings
  • Be an active parent and grandparent; play on the floor with your dogs, kids & grand kids – you will be able to get back up!
  • Travel with confidence and make plans for your future
  • Yes, you can keep gardening, golfing, dancing, tennis, bowling, pickle ball & Dodger games!
  • Meet new people and make new friends (single and ready to mingle? Why not?)

In Other Words, Be:




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