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Parkinson's Fitness Programs

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA offers a multitude of Parkinson fitness programs. The programs we offer consist of in person group classes, online Zoom classes, and one-on-one in home training. In our classes you will achieve results you simply cannot get on your own or in a “big-box” gym. Your experience in class will help you maintain the activities of daily living and excel at the things you love.
Our certified Rock Steady Boxing coaches understand that Parkisnon’s affects everyone differently. We’re with you each step of the way, providing personalized instruction and exercise modifications, along with encouragement and a little bit of tough love.
We’ll push you past perceived limitations so you can maintain the activities that give your life purpose and joy, like work, travel, and quality time spent with friends, family and grandkids. You will become stronger, healthier, more confident and more HOPEFUL with each class.
Rock Steady Boxing classes are designed to improve balance, walking, voice projection, flexibility, fine motor skills and mental focus, and they are modified for all levels of Parkinson’s at any stage of the disease, including the newly diagnosed.
You’ll love the friendship, support and camaraderie with your fellow Rock Steady Boxers and our enthusiastic Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA coaching team.

Parkinson’s Can’t Knock You Down When We All Fight Back TOGETHER!