Rock Steady Boxing VCLA is Proud to Announce a New Location in Thousand Oaks!
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Group Classes

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA
Group Classes

Non-contact Boxing inspired classes can reduce, delay and even reverse Parkinson’s symptoms.

The evidence shows that ANYONE at ANY LEVEL of Parkinson’s will benefit from participating in Rock Steady Boxing – the method that’s scientifically proven to decrease symptoms and improve quality of life.

Even if you’ve never exercised before, you CAN do this!

Our certified RSB Coaches understand that Parkinson’s affects everyone differently. We’re with you each step of the way providing comprehensive instruction and exercise modifications, along with encouragement and a bit of tough love.

Classes include an energetic warm-up, shadow boxing, heavy bag drills, focus mitts, footwork, weight-training, agility stations, functional fitness modalities, brain exercises, vocal training, stretching and more. Oh, and we almost forgot: it’s more FUN than a barrel full of monkeys – we think – that’s one thing we haven’t actually tried yet!

Classes take place in the gym 6 days a week – please call for our current class schedule. And, remember, you can also participate from home on Zoom!

Wherever you are, you can look forward to building strength, flexibility, speed and confidence with Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA.

Any Questions?

Please call to learn more about our Group Classes. First class is FREE!