Rock Steady Boxing VCLA is Proud to Announce a New Location in Thousand Oaks!
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Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA is OBSESSED with our mission to empower people with Parkinson’s Disease to FIGHT BACK!

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Meet Lisa & Yvette

Coach Lisa and Coach Yvette are the co-owners and Head Coaches of Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA – Ventura County / Los Angeles

Meet the Inspiring Duo Behind Rock Steady Boxing VCLA!

Immersed in their unwavering passion for helping families with Parkinson’s Disease, this dynamic pair joined forces back in 2013. Fast forward to today and the dynamic duo have opened gyms in the heart of Calabasas, Camarillo, and coming soon to Thousand Oaks. Their journey started as enthusiastic participants in invigorating the Parkinson’s Fitness Program with dedicated personal in-person training, group classes in a gym, and online Zoom classes, forging a connection that would soon blossom into an extraordinary partnership.

The coaches narrative took an unforeseen turn when a close friend, grappling with the challenging repercussions of Parkinson’s Disease, reached out to Coaches Lisa & Yvette. This pivotal moment assured them that continuing with Rock Steady Boxing VCLA was the right direction for both founders. Rock Steady Boxing organization is known for innovative approaches to utilizing non-contact boxing exercise techniques in Parkinson’s treatment.

Inspired by a shared aspiration to make a tangible difference in people’s lives by empowering them to embrace perpetual motion, both coaches embarked on a journey that transcended expectations. With swiftness rivaling the speed of a triumphant boxing shout, they embarked on a journey fueled by boundless enthusiasm and a resolute mission to help families battling Parkinson’s Disease.

And oh, the tales their journey of starting Rock Steady Boxing VCLA is astounding. Today, both coaches provide an infectious spirit to aid those with Parkinson’s Disease and empower all of their fitness partners with the ability to live a less dependent lifestyle. Join coaches Lisa and Yvette and be a part of the movement that echoes with the rallying cry of ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE,’ transcending physical boundaries and epitomizing the fusion of wellness and mobility.

Any Questions?

Empathy is an important trait to us and we are genuinely looking to help family & friends with Parkinsons disease. Give us a call today and we'll happily answer all of your questions and concerns.