Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA has 4 locations to serve our growing Parkinson's Community!
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Coach Yvette

Yvette Israel
Co-owner & Head Coach

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"Pushes Us with Tough Love" | "Positive" | "Inspiring"

Coach Yvette is full of New York attitude – from grungy boxing gyms to 5th Avenue shops, and, of course, Katz’s Deli. She originally learned to box from Billy Blanks, but we dare you to try and find out what year. In 10 years of Rockin’ Steady, she has coached a Nun, a Rabbi, and a Priest. The punchline? For sure, she’s going to heaven. When not shopping at Trader Joe’s, Coach Yvette loves walking her dog Sophi-A, an adorable rescue, and perusing Nordstrom’s for her next fashion statement. She loves pearls and everything French, especially poodles.

“Health is Wealth is my motto, and it has payed off generously. I love working out on the heavy bag and creating new drills for class. The best thing is seeing the boxers overcome challenges – becoming more confident and getting stronger every day. Their new-found hope and happiness fills me with immeasurable joy!” – Coach Yvette
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