Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA has 4 locations to serve our growing Parkinson's Community!
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Coach Lisa

Lisa Oliver
Co-owner & Head Coach

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"Energetic" | "The Dancing Queen" | "Vocal Coach Extraordinaire"

Coach Lisa is a natural born dancer. She loves hiking, bodysurfing and, of course, Boxing. Everyone in class knows she cannot live without coffee, and exactly what to get her for Hanukkah (Starbucks cards). She’s an avid adventurer, world traveler and widely respected human encyclopedia of 70’s song-lyrics. She brings her love of dancing, obsession with music, infectious energy and contagious smile to every class – inspiring everyone to keep ROCKIN’ STEADY! But, be warned…you may be asked to dance like a chicken and yell like a Samurai Warrior!

“Every single task we are expected to perform as human beings requires freedom of movement. Keeping our boxers MOVING so they can continue the activities of daily life – from the mundane to the magnificent, and maintain their independence is what gets me jumping out of bed each day – jumping with joy! – Coach Lisa
Rock Steady Boxing
Certified Coach Since 2014
Personal Trainer
CPR, First Aid, AED & Safety Protocols

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