Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA has 4 locations to serve our growing Parkinson's Community!
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See Why Our Boxers Love Us!


A Night To Remember

“Here is the person I attended last night’s Dodger game with, my daughter Mary Ann. We called it Father & Daughter bonding night. Thank you for giving me the strength, endurance, and stamina through Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA to make this possible. We are all Champions at RSB VC/LA because we will never lose a fight-TOGETHER. Rock Steady Boxing continues to change my life for the better!”

John V., 62 years young

Get Back To Dancing

“My Rock Steady coaches make me feel like dancing!”

Bob W., 88 years young

Getting Stronger!

“When I first came into the gym, I was on a walker and I didn’t know another soul in the world dealing with Parkinson’s. Guess what? I rarely use a walker anymore and have over 30 fellow boxers I’m proud to call friends. My coaches push me each class with love, always taking into account my limitations, but helping me get stronger. Next to my incredible corner lady, my wife Paula, this is the best thing in my life.”

Mike L., 81 years young

I Can Sew Again!

“I love Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA! I’m challenged each class learning new drills, which is great for my body and my BRAIN! I can sew again and am back to my quilting circle. I have the energy to keep up with my grandkids, and they brag to their friends that grandma is a BOXER! I even taught my 3-year old grandson the combos we learn in class and he loves it, too”

Joan D., 80 years young, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Parkinson's Won't Stop Me!

“I was diagnosed with PD in August of 2020 and quickly learned that exercise is the most effective way of delaying the progression. I tried developing my own exercise program, but struggled to maintain a consistent schedule and was uncertain if it was even helping me. My son told me Rock Steady Boxing is an exercise program that targets PD and slows progression. I joined VC/LA in July 2021 and haven’t looked back. My wife has already noticed improvements in my balance and walking. I feel stronger and it’s great to be in a class – even though it’s on Zoom – where I’m fighting alongside others facing the same challenges. When not in class, I feel confident to continue walking my dog on the trails around my house and traveling with my wife. I highly recommend Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA to anyone dealing with PD. "

Ron L. 69 years young

Confident & Empowered

“I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and was three months post hip replacement when I joined Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA. I kept up with the group using the exercise modifications provided by the coaches. The program empowered me to get stronger while having fun. Six weeks after a subsequent knee replacement surgery, I returned to class in a modified way. Now, six months later I am able to do everything that is thrown my way. I am feeling proud of myself for what I have accomplished with these coaches. I continue to battle Parkinson’s but I have hope for my future."

Suzy B. 68 years young

Improved Mobility & Flexibility

“When I heard I had Parkinson’s I was shocked and scared. I had been shaking for a year but related it to anxiety over the pandemic. I was walking slower and had pain in my upper back that I didn’t understand. My physical therapist told me about Rock Steady VC/LA. Because I would do ANYTHING to keep my independence, I called them right away. Since joining, I have very little rigidity in my arm. My posture and stamina are improving. My daughter was pregnant and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able when the baby came. She had TWINS! Because this program has made me stronger, and I’m moving faster, I’m now able to help with the babies, and I’m so much HAPPIER! This is a well-paced program with excellent results – get started ASAP!”

Dayle S. 67 years young

From Our Care Partners – We Call Them “Corner People"

Renewed Energy

“I got my husband back! Our friends can’t believe it’s even him! He’s stronger, happier, smiling and laughing! He has energy now and wants to participate in social activities. He won’t miss a class. Rock Steady’s coaches encourage him in a kind but firm way so he always gets the benefits of their awesome workout.”

Suze K., Malibu, CA

Feeling Better Than Ever

“We were so resistant to trying Zoom when the gyms shut-down, but we were also terrified how to continue to manage Larry’s Parkinson’s symptoms. I’m so grateful these wonderful Coaches finally talked me into it, and walked us through the process, which was actually very easy. The bottom line is I may not have my husband alive and well today without Rock Steady VC/LA online. He looks forward to logging on for class each day, seeing his old gym buddies, conversing, laughing, and working hard! He hasn’t fallen once, he’s balanced and strong and HAPPY. He’s doing better than ever, and we’re so grateful.”

Cynthia P., Ventura, CA