Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA has 4 locations to serve our growing Parkinson's Community!
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Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA

Rock Steady Boxing Headquarters was established in Indiana in 2006 as the only Parkinson’s fitness program in the world solely dedicated to people with Parkinson’s Disease. Now boasting over 950 affiliate gyms worldwide, Rock Steady Boxing is the undisputed champion in combatting Parkinson’s symptoms.

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA – Ventura County/Los Angeles was established in 2014 and quickly became one of the most successful Rock Steady Boxing affiliates specializing in a tailored Parkinson fitness program for all members.

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA is owned and operated by Lisa Oliver and Yvette Israel who have helped over 1,000 people living with Parkinson’s Disease FIGHT BACK with their hands-on,  results-driven approach to the renowned Rock Steady Boxing Method proven to stop Parkinson’s in it’s tracks!

It may sound surprising, but Rock Steady’s non-contact  boxing inspired fitness program is scientifically proven to decrease and reverse current Parkinson’s symptoms and is actually “neuro-protective” – working to delay further progression of the disease. So, if you’re “Young Onset” Parkinson’s, newly diagnosed or have been living with PD for years, NOW is the best time to join Rock Steady Boxing!

Like a boxer trains to defeat their opponent, we’ll train you like a boxer to KNOCK-OUT Parkinson’s Disease…and WIN!

Rock Steady Boxing is Recommended by Neurologists, Movement Specialists, & Physical Therapists. BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Watch Coaches Lisa & Yvette Discuss Kicking Parkinson's Butt!

Who We Are...
& Why You're Going To Like Us!

Meet Your Head Coaches Since 2014 Coach Lisa and Coach Yvette’s enthusiasm and passion for the Rock Steady Boxing Method cannot be contained. Why? Because it WORKS! The benefits to Parkinson’s patients are transformative and awe-inspiring. Boxing and working together side-by-side, theirs is a partnership rooted in mutual respect, trust, shared values and one indisputable mission: To Fight Back against Parkinson’s Disease!

What Is A Class Like?

In our group classes, members train for optimal balance,  postural stability, flexibility,  endurance and strength, reaction time, eye-hand coordination,  vocalization & mental focus. Simply put, we will empower you  to take control of your life and have Power Over Parkinson’s  Disease.

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA’s classes are energetic, dynamic, and fun. Classes include a warm-up, shadow boxing and combinations, focus mitts, footwork, heavy bag work, weight training, agility drills, functional fitness, brain exercises, voice training and deep stretching.

Oh, and did we mention… it’s FUN!


All Ages. All Stages.
No Excuses.

Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t slow down for excuses. While you’re waiting to decide if you should try a free class, Parkinson’s Disease is moving ahead.

Each Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA class is designed for all stages of Parkinson’s and all levels of fitness. Expert certified coaches are trained to modify exercises to everyone’s benefit.

If there’s a reason why you think that Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA isn’t for you keep reading. Our Rock Steady Boxers became stronger than their excuses. YOU can, too!


While You Are Waiting, Parkinson's Disease is Moving Ahead!

Stop Parkinson’s in its tracks. Don’t delay - call today (805) 814-6333 or (805) 558-6020


Rock Steady Boxing VCLA is proud to announce a new location is open in Thousand Oaks!

Rock Steady Boxing VC/LA at LAVA West
Days & Times
Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 10:30am - 11:45am
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Coach Lisa | (805) 814-6333
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